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We are excited to be working in partnership with First TransPennine Express to generate new ways of thinking, delivering and presenting artistic work in public spaces.

Creative Scene and First TransPennine Express have been working with Yorkshire based filmmakers, Alistair Macdonald, Kevin Threlfall from Eastergate films and Andy Wicks & Tim Copsey to produce two short films that capture stories, imagery, and behind the scene action on train journeys from Huddersfield to Leeds.

The filmmakers had ‘tickets to ride’ that enabled them to have free access to spend time on trains observing and interacting with people, workspaces and places. This process of artistic exchange developed the filmmaker’s artistic practice and our research into working with new audiences across Kirklees.

The outcome of this process has produced two short films:

Riding West Riding. Eastergate films

This film takes the viewer on a dazzling visual journey across the Yorkshire landscape on a whistle stop tour of the train route between Leeds and Huddersfield. From the bustling early morning commute to the laid back sounds of a late night jazz club, this short film tracks the people and places along the lines.

Train of Thought. Andy Wicks & Tim Copsey

In this film we hear from day dreaming passengers who share their secret thoughts and we meet Transpennine employees who reveal behind-the-scene truths as they go about their daily routines.

The films will be presented in early 2016 in a spectacular live cinema event.

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