Miss Inform

Bagshaw Museum in Batley is inviting people to bring along their treasured possessions and collections to share with Batley’s new museum guide, the mysterious and shape shifting Miss Inform. In return, the museum will be unveiling some hidden treasures of its own!

Show and Tell offers a fun and exciting way for people to connect with an amazing museum right on their doorstep. Miss Inform, created by artist Jenny Wilson of Irregular Arts, will be taking up residence at Bagshaw Museum between 1-4pm on 18 and 22 February, 1, 7 and 15 March, and 9 April.

Everyone who meets Miss Inform will be invited back to help create The Museum Varieties on Saturday 18 April; which will include a variety show with presentations and performances by local people as well as the launch of a new People’s Exhibition at the museum.

Show and Tell is for everybody, even if you’ve never been to the museum before. It’s an exciting opportunity for people to discover Bagshaw’s exotic collection of trophies and trinkets and is for people of all ages and backgrounds.