Spellbound by Walk the Plank

On Saturday 26 September, audiences across Batley will be treated to a free family friendly one of a kind show, as Creative Scene and outdoor performance specialists Walk the Plank bring Spellbound to Batley Festival.

Spellbound is a thrilling tale of love, jealousy, betrayal and daring – inspired by the Ramayana – an ancient story from India. We follow the destiny of soon-to-be King and Queen Rama and Sita, and the twist of fate that sees their future placed in peril. But this is no ordinary stage show….

Suitable for all ages, Spellbound takes place at dusk and uses shadow theatre with real life performers in place of traditional puppetry. An original soundtrack, live theatrical narration, lantern procession and sumptuous special effects all add to the performance. Audiences can expect dazzling pyro punctuation and a spectacular finale – taking traditional theatre into an exciting new format, and giving people the chance to see storytelling in a whole new light.

It’s also an opportunity to see the Batley Festival in a whole new light as, for the first time, the popular festival extends into an outdoor evening event.

Rebecca Legg, a Creative Producer for Creative Scene, said:

“We are delighted to support Batley Festival in bringing Walk the Plank to Batley for this special evening performance. I’m especially excited to see this beautiful part of town lit up in the evening with a bespoke lighting design to highlight the many historic buildings and backdrops in Batley. It will be an evening not to be missed”.

More firsts for the Festival includes a number of local people working with the professional artists from Walk the Plank, to help provide the entertainment.

Local dancers from West Yorkshire have been working with Walk the Plank to learn how to mix Bharata Natyam – a traditional Indian form of dance – with shadow play, leaving a lasting legacy of artistic skills long after the show is over.

Spellbound by Walk the Plank

Local youth and community groups will also be working with the company in the next few weeks, creating handmade lanterns that will provide an eye-catching procession to kick off the show.

Nick Clarke, Spellbound’s Artistic Director said:

“Spellbound is a timeless tale of good versus evil, of love and of overcoming the odds. As a fantastic traditional piece of storytelling it ticks every box, plus there’re some great characters – from the powerful monkey god to the wicked stepmother! What’s more, the original way in which we tell the story – with shadow-play; puppetry; dancers; music; special effects and much more – adds a whole new dimension.

“We’re taking the incredible, live, large-scale performance of a thrilling story outdoors and bringing together hundreds of people to share the experience. Forget the cinema – this is where you want to be!”

The free evening extension to the Batley Festival takes place in the Market Square in Batley on Saturday 26 September – entertainment provided by Batley Festival runs between 6pm and 10pm, and Spellbound starts at 8.30pm. Visit the event page for full Spellbound details  and for details of all the other acitivites.