Meet Terri – our Creative Scene work placement

Terri Hyde Work Placement

We asked our current Work Placement student Terri to share her experience of working with the Creative Scene Team. Terri is a Theatre and PerformanceĀ student from University of LeedsĀ and is with usĀ until the end of May.

My name isĀ Theresa Hyde, otherwise known as Terri, and I am a university student currently in my second year at University of Leeds studying Theatre and Performance. I chose this degree because I really enjoy being creative and artistic and it is a great confidence builder to be able to entertain people or stretch their minds in new ways. Basically I just love the arts and couldnā€™t think of any better industry to spend my life in (as cheesy as it sounds).

I am currently undertaking work experience with Creative Scene as part of a chosen Industry Module of my course. As experience is so valued in the arts sector today I was keen to work with an organisation that would give me exposure to what it is like to develop and deliver arts programmes. During my placement I hope to to be able to contribute imaginative ideas and gain experience and insight as to how an Arts Council England project functions in a sustainable manner and really expands the arts in the community.

Reflecting on my time at Creative Scene so far it is apparent that the community becomes heavily involved in the art and the development of the experience. I have been shadowing one of the Cultural Producers in meetings relating to the ā€˜On Tourā€™ strand of work andĀ I have discovered already the intenseĀ organisation and research that goes into their projects.

It is particualry interesting to see how they try and engage audiences from the start of a project and try out new marketing techniques in creative ways. For instance, I really like the idea of developing promotional material about a show or event that is interactive and can engage children in advance of attending such as making masks, colouring in sheets, or the creation of a boat by paper folding etc.

I hope to develop my skills in administration and marketing and my understanding of what happens in a touring programme like this. I have specifically already realised how much adminstration is involved in developing and delivering arts and cultural events and I forward to seeing how the next year pans out both for Creative Scene and myself.