Made to be Seen – Scottee joins us to research a new show


We are pleased to be working with performance artist Scottee (BBC Radio 4’s Loose Ends) to support the research and development of new show Bravado.

’s work is often about outsiderness; race, sexuality, class, age and gender and has been performed across the world. He creates spaces where the perceived underdog is celebrated, at the forefront and no longer ignorable.

Over the next couple of months, we welcome him to our network of locals to have a pint, banter with regulars and explore masculinity and bravado.

Next week he would like to invite you for a drink and discussions about all things macho at The Taproom, Batley at 7pm on Tuesday 28th June. It will be an informal conversation over a drink but we would welcome an indication of numbers so if you wish to attend please contact

For more information about Scottee’s work please visit