Made to be Seen in North Kirklees – community commissioning with a contemporary twist.

(c) Amy Charles

Be amongst the first to see new work from two emerging young companies who have been in residence with Creative Scene – finding out what makes Kirklees people tick – and developing new shows that talk about life, love, friends and food!

Spiltmilk dance ‚Äė a big fat ray of sunshine‚Äô – have been out searching for local stories of love in all it’s forms; from beloved family pets to fondly remembered places, from food that sets our hearts a-flutter to friends that we couldn‚Äôt be without. Kirklees Loves gives insights into where cupid’s arrow falls in North Kirklees.

Theatre makers Olivia Furber and Alice Bonefico with gastro artist Carmen C. Wong are reawakening our food memories, through chatting to local cafes, exploring local kitchens and a residency in Dewsbury Arcade where they have been sharing recipes, tastes of home and encouraged us to play with our food to create Dough!

You can see the results with 20 minute extracts of each show at Cleckheaton Literature Festival on Saturday 30 April, at midday and at 3.00p.m. To be amongst the very first people to get a first peep of this work find out more here or email