Blog: Our Intern Terri on Kirklees Loves

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Over the last 12 months Creative Scene have been establishing an urban touring circuit working with 5 community venues to provide high quality performances for families across North Kirklees. So the Creative Scene On Tour network commissioned two companies to work with local communities to start the journey in developing a performance that woud appeal to families.

Last week Spiltmilk dance spent time across the borough researching their work Kirklees Loves, our intern Terri Hyde joined them for an afternoon…

“On 3 March I met with Spiltmilk at Birstall Library, where they had been conducting some of their research in and around North Kirklees. When I first walked in I saw Spiltmilk’s Adele talking to a local at the tea/coffee and cake session. I love libraries because they act in themselves as community centres and this tea and cake was a bargin of a deal at one pound! Adele was asking questions about love and her favourite food and the conversations just seemed to flow nicely. There was a barrel of ‘Banta’ and laughs as they discussed their findings on what the people of North Kirklees love. Digestives and baked beans being one ‘love’ that will stick with me forever.

As a general performance making process, especially in engaging communities, I really enjoyed the strategy of placing ourselves as artists in various places and with various groups and just chatting all day to record people’s thoughts and ideas. This has taught me a lot about the processes of a project like this and community engagement in the arts in general. This process is great because it’s stemming from North Kirklees, rather than brought in from outside. The stories are gathered from the heart of the community. This is truly what Creative Scene is trying to achieve and I believe they have got it down to a cup of tea and cake.

People skills are so relevant and necessary in this type of work. Through my observation of Creative Scene and their programming planning, as well as my experience of watching Spiltmilk develop ideas for a theatre piece, I feel I have learnt that this is something I’m really passionate about – engagement with the community and the arts. I am hoping to adapt processes used in this project, and at Creative Scene, and use for a current piece of site specific theatre I am completing in my degree, therefore I believe Splitmilk have a really good technique in the way they conduct their process.”